Social Media Marketing

Improve Your Social Media Presence
With Social Media Marketing Services

Are you looking for a way to connect with your desired audience? Connecting your business’ brand and website through social media can help build awareness of your product or service, and attract new customers. Check out our social media marketing services to see how we can create an effective presence online for you. Your brand’s social media strategy is critical for boosting awareness and sales. And when we say “social media," it should be more than publishing posts or creating ads. It needs to be fresh, targeted, engaging, and personalized from start-to-finish — not just when your audiences are interacting with you.

Brand Awareness

Grow your followers on social networking sites to generate word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing services will increase follower prospects who are relevant for your business and match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers.

Build Relationships

Social media is an effective way to reinforce a connection with your audience. Engagement translates into increased frequency of related posts and updates. The more your audience engages, the stronger the relationship becomes between customer and brand.

Traffic & Conversions

Increasing your website traffic will increase leads and sales. That’s why this service is best paired with our social media advertising services, which allows us to send high volumes of traffic to your website. A retargeting option can also be added for converting more recent visitors on your site, meaning less time spent chasing them after they are first introduced to your brand.

SMM Packages

Having A Presence on Social Media Is Essential To Your Business Growth And Success.

SMM Features

$300 / month


$450 / month


$600 / month

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms
Facebook Account Management
Instagram Account Management
Twitter Account Management
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Social Media Posting 12 16 20
Social Media Content Creation Yes Yes Yes
Community Management
Social Media Profile Set-Up
Monthly Reporting
Ad Copywriting
Banner Design
Landing Page Creation
Original Content Creation For SMM Quarterly Bi-Monthly Monthly
Social Campaign Strategy
Post Frequency 12 Posts Per Month 16 Posts Per Month 20 Posts Per Month
Additional Digital Marketing Services 12 Posts Per Month 16 Posts Per Month 20 Posts Per Month
SMM Audit -
Organic Growth Strategies
Order Order Order

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